Our generous donors help advance cancer care for patients everywhere. Thank you.

2020 Individual Donors

Jack Aiello
Kathy S. Albain, MD
Omar Aljitawi, MD
Debbie Allen
Patricia Arlauskas
Rajesh Bajaj, MD
Rick Bangs
William Barlow, PhD
Connie L. Barnes
Judy Bibbo
Nyla Blackmon
Charles D. Blanke, MD
Marybeth & Donald Bradford
Mary Briede
Alex Burkart
Allison Butlien
Debra A. Cairns
Mary-Ellen Campbell
Kimberly Carnahan
Helen Chew, MD
Abdul Choudhury, MD
Debra Christie, MBA
Morgan Cox
Aaron & Deni Cox
Alan Cox
Ryan & Megan Cox
John J. Crowley, PhD
Sailaja Datla
Casey Dawson
Ronald Dawson
Kaitie Derby
Hildy Dillon, MPH
Benigne Dohms
Kenneth Dunton, Sr.
Eric & Valerie Egger
Bill Ellis
Lee Ellis, MD
Paul Erickson
Gerald Esmer
Lisa Ferreira
Teresa Fonseca
David Gandara, MD
Maria Garcia
Valerie Garza
Barbara Gattuso
Sophia Gau
David Gibson
Holly Gilbert
Casey Gokenbach
Julie R. Gralow, MD
Heidi Grix
John & Lisa Gross
Kenneth Grossmann MD, PhD
Linda Hacinliyan
Jessica Hall
Kenneth Harms
Daniel F. Hayes, MD
Norah L. Henry
Dawn L. Hershman, MD
Paul J. Hesketh, MD
Sandi Hita
Antje Hoering, PhD
Kim Hofferber
Eric & Lauren Horbinski
Johanna Horn
Susan Horowitz
Gabriel N. Hortobagyi, MD
Nadine Housri
Kimberly Jacobs
Judy Johnson
Lee (Hartley) Jones
Reginal Josey
Lisa Kachnic, MD
Karen Kelly, MD
Jane Klein
Al Knasinski
Howard Krongard
Robert Lamb
Joel Lawson
Markell Lawson

Wendy Lawton
Dr. Michael LeBlanc
H. Barry Levine
Shirley Livingston
Dr. Gary & Dr. Nicole Lyman
Alan Lyss, MD
Susan Cottle Madden
Dr. Joshua Mammen
Benjamin T. Marchello, MD
Kim Margolin, MD
Angie Means
Alex Menter, MD
Anne Mercurio
Frank L. Meyskens Jr., MD
Felicia Miles
Umair Mohammady
Halle Moore, MD
Linda Moore
Desiree Neman
Marian Neuhouser, PhD, RD
Craig R. Nichols, MD
Donna Oishi
Patricia O’Kane
Stephen Opperman
Robert Orlowski, MD, PhD
Raymond Osarogiagbon, MD
Kate O’Shaughnessy
Lynn Patinkin
Annette Patton
Dan & Michelle Phillips
Jettie Porcher
Lajos Pusztai, MD
David I. Quinn, MD, PhD
Dr. James Rae PhD
Scott Ramsey, MD, PhD
Peggy Randall
Cathryn Rankin, MS
Neiunna Reed-Jones
Amy Sanderson
Carl A. Schiele
Luke Schmidt
Anne F. Schott, MD
The Estate of Richard J. Seidel
Veena Shankaran, MD
Priyanka Sharma, MD
Anthony F. Shields, MD
Joylin Shum
Stephanie Smith RN,MSN,OCN
Janet Sowell
Dana B. Sparks, MAT
David Spivey
Norbert Strauss
Sara Su-Castillo
Gloria Sylvie
Banu Symington, MD
Jenn Tachavichien
Cult of Cornette Facebook Group
Kyle Theige
Mark Thomas
Dr. Debasish & Becki Tripathy
Meghna Trivedi, MD
Karen Trzcinski
Hin Tse
Joseph Unger, PhD
Saad Usmani, MD
Catherine Van Poznak, MD
Edie Van Putten
Ari Vanderwalde, MD, MPH
Donna Vigil
Pauline Wachi
Keith Welch
Michael Willard
Courtney Wille
Lucas Wong, MD
Pamela Worthy, BSN
William & Lois Yeats
Mark M. Zalupski, MD
Jason Zell, DO
Diane Zipursky Quale

The Hope Foundation recognizes the following individuals and families honored by our donors:

Dr. Ekhaguosa Aisien

Great surgeon, father-figure, gentleman, inspiration. Long may his legacy live. - Raymond Osarogiagbon, MD
Hasnain Ashaq

For one of the strongest and greatest guys I know, Hasnain Ashaq. – Austin Hillsamer
Laurence Baker, DO

In appreciation of learning and laughing over the past 30 years. – Mark Zalupski, MD

Rick Bangs
Tisha B’av
Ken Beebe
Patricia Bingham
Charles Blanke, MD
Jim Brockman

In honor of my lovely cousin, Brynelle. Merry Christmas.
Christopher Corless and Family

Thanks for your support of cancer research. – Craig R. Nichols, MD
Clinical trial participants
James A. Cottle

Dad, we made a gift in your honor to The Hope Foundation because it open doors to clinical trials for veterans battling cancer. -Susan, Greg & KKJ
Dale Crockett
Vincent Dellay
Jeff Glenn
Bill Goodness

For all who fight the good fight. – Dan and Michelle Phillips
Melanie Green
Kim and Eric Halingstad
Taylor Hayes

Happy Birthday, Taylor! You inspire everyone you meet to be better! – Aaron Grandon
Elienna Hita
Linda Kidder
Julie and Matt Kincaid

This gift is in your honor to help cancer research during a tough year related to COVID-19 infection. I hope 2021 will bring peace and happiness to all! - Omar Aljitawi, MD
Joel Kneitz
Leah Levy
Alona Levy Gabay
Tameka Lewis

For those who supported #Mariastrong by purchasing a t shirt >> Thank you

Karina Metzler
Wanda and Brad Morrow
Ramtin Neydawood
Asa and Sibyl Nichols
John Parks

In honor of my long time true and devoted friend. – Beverly Buckner-Baker
Patients & families who participated in SWOG 1500
Sid Pinkus
Grandma and Grandpa Proctor

Each day we have had together is a reason to celebrate.

With lots of love and remembrance…Merry Christmas, Grandpa! – Jennifer Proctor
Todd, Bev, Dan, & Chris Ravetto

Happy 25th Anniversary!
Will Schutz
Brett Sheppard, MD
Annie Short
Brian Strickler
Charlene Stuart

A clinical trial subject, a 16-year survivor of AML, and my wife of 25 years. – Robert Stuart
SWOG Lymphoma and Patient Advocate Colleagues

My SWOG Lymphoma and Patient Advocate Colleagues. -Hildy Dillon, MPH
Cathy Tartaglia
Ray Tubbs
Nitin and Ulka Vaishampayan

For their dedication to cancer research and the lives they have improved/saved. – William and Lois Yeats
Manuel Valdivieso
Nick Vogelzang, GU Vice Chair

Who is stepping down at the Fall meeting. Nick has been incredibly supportive from the moment I met him at the Oct 2009 Plenary session and he escorted me to meet my GU colleagues. - Rick Bangs, MBA
James Wallenhorst

Love you, Uncle Jim – Bryan Homyak
David and Katherine Watts & Family
Martha Welch

To help those who have lost the battle and to those who are fighting this horrible disease. They have exuded strength and courage. May this small gesture help find an end to the disease. – Diane Hill
Helena Youssef

The Hope Foundation recognizes the following individuals memorialized by our donors:

Kathryn Abenavoli
Louis Ackerman
James Albain, Elizabeth Albain, and all my patients

In memory of my dear father James Albain, in honor of my mother Elizabeth Albain, and in honor all my patients who bravely fight cancer daily - with hope and faith. -Kathy S. Albain, MD
Charles Amsler

In memory of my dad. – Judy Johnson
Joe Antanavage
Jean Baker

Our prayers are with you and your family as you grieve. Love, Kim and Terry
Debra Batey

Clint & Codi – Although your mom will be deeply missed by everyone, her memory will always remain with everyone who knew her. She was a wonderful, funny and unforgettable person.
Ida Beck
Silas Blackmon, Sr.
Peggy Boshers

May cancer one day never devastate another family.
Josephine Brandle
Danny Bruce
Mary Phillips Burt
Patrick Caranfa

Live to your fullest! – Jung Caranfa
Garry Carnahan
Olive Carrick

She was a loving individual who touched the lives of many. – Favi Bogen
Kavita Chakawala
Paul Chauveau
Mildred Choate

In memory of a life well lived. – Keith Elder
Judy Clark
Christopher Coffey
Rodney Coleclough
Charles A. Coltman, Jr.

You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. May your memories bring you comfort. – Denise Bornhausen
John Cook
Robert B. Cooper
Virginia M. Cordle
William Diamond

In memory of a man who meant so much to family.
Dan Diridoni
Hannah Ellis
Arthur/Debbie Emmons/Sannes
Dorothy Feiveson
Joyce M. Fisher
Edgar Fleharty

In honor of our cool Uncle Ed. We will always remember you and will miss your sense of humor. Love always, Denise and family.
Elma G. Flores
Jerilyn Franks

In loving memory of Jeri, with love from Clint & Christy Parrish
Natalie Friedberg
Raymond Gandara
Lee Ann Gaidlauskas
Margaret Gergis
Samuel Giambruno
John M. Graham
Deidre Gray
Juanita Marian Hammond Stone
Douglas Dee Harrison

Thank you sweet man for being my warrior, I feel you with me each and every day. – Dolores Harrison
Susan Krehbiel Hartman

May this be a gift that helps to touch the lives of others in the future, just as Susan positively touched the lives of others in her lifetime. – Jim & Sue
James (Jimmy) F. Hartwell
Judy Hawes

In loving memory of a wonderful woman. She is greatly missed by her family and friends. Happy Mother’s Day.
Shirley Henson

RIP V of Spades – Carl Carman
Arthur G. Horowitz
Edith Hortobagyi
Ruth P. Jacobs - Queen City Hospice
Larry Johnson
Jacqueline Jones
Ingee Kang
Patricia & Costas Kastritsis

In loving memory – William Thomson
Gloria Klein
Robert B. Livingston

Dr. Livingston was honest, realistic, reassuring and very kind with me during my treatment. On top of all that, he was so very knowledgeable and knew when to pull some trick out of his sleeve. He was instrumental in turning not only my outcome around, but also my sister’s and brother’s outcomes. It’s so sad for his family to lose him so soon. He’s certainly a hero in my family. – Lisa Leptich

In loving memory of our good friend and wonderful physician who made the world a better place for so many people. – Kay Albrecht
Tan Ping Liu
Beatrice Lyman
Rev Craig Lyman
Leonard Lyman
Alex Malecki

In memory of a beloved grandfather who courageously battled cancer twice. In life, Alex was always known as a “fixer,” and we hope this contribution in his memory will go toward finding a solution for other patients in need of a cure.
Janis Maley
Jodi Margolin
Kinsley Markle

Maria Isidra Martinez Moreno
Sue McCarroll

In memory of Sue McCarroll – Love, The Goosmann Family

Doug, Sherry, Baylee, Britney, Chadd, Jeana, Collin, Caroline, Nikki, Neelee, and Parker
James McCubbin

With heartfelt sympathy – Bruno and Co.
Lou Iris McMahan

I would give the world just to have one more day with you. Mom, I miss you so much. – Stacy Hutton
Mary Ann Mercurio
Amanda Meyer

Keeping Amanda’s family in prayer. – Cheryl Turner

Eva James, In loving memory of your sister, from your co-workers at Citizens
Debee Miller
Earl E. and Phyllis G. Nichols
Noboru Oishi
Bessie Overshown
Christie Ann Overy
Vern Pachla
Charles Edward Pearson

Rest in Peace with our Lord, Jesus Christ. – Jeanne Self
Ingrid Ria (Olbert) Pennardt

Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this time. – CHA Emergency Department
Judy Perry Phipps
James Powell
Britta Putjenter
Elinor Ramsey
Harry Randall
Gladys Reinking
Hal Rhodes
Silvia Rhodes
Bob Rice
James Ritz

My husband had success for many years with clinical trials. – Julianne Ritz
Lynda Rizzuto
Kirk Robinson
Ronald Rossen
Anthony Rossi

I personally am doing this for my grandfather, but this money was raised during a service project where various people played volleyball in honor/memory of friends and family whose lives were touched by cancer. – Nicole Rossi
James Ryan, MD
Eric Sanchez

In memory of a truly wonderful guy. – Robert Baker
Vincent Schott
Connie L. Schwerin
Lena Ruth Scott
Marvin Scott
Sandy Segal
Phyllis Seresky
Mike Sikes

A great father and friend.
Vernell Ellen Walsh Sinclair
Dottie (Wright) Smith

Sympathy and prayers – Pam & Danny Dunford
Gerald Charles Snyder
Jack Solomon
Sally M. Soulé

In loving memory of our good friend and neighbor. – Richard F. and Barbel Salant

Theta sisters are for life and hereafter. Loyally in Theta, Pam Burke Stewart

She inspired us all. – Anonymous
Frankie Bartels Stewart
Dr. Roslyn Stone
Linda Stowell
John Sultini
Richard Sutton
Daniel F. Tefoe
Sandra Thibault
Brandy King Tompkins
Carole Thompson
Cary Thorpe
Pamela Tierney

For her bravery, I donate in memory of Pamela; for others who have endured or are enduring, I dedicate this to them. – Enesta Jones
Charles S. Trzcinski
Vainutis Vaitkevicius, MD
Sister Francilene Van de Vyer

I love you!
Gizelle Vernon
Veronica Villegas Martinez
Anita Agnes Virnig
Keith Chesley Welch, Sr.
Thomas Werner
Gary West
Robert Willard
Bryce Wisdom
Kevin Wollaston
Larry Carrol Craig Wood
Judi Yocham

In loving memory of a wonderful mother. – Gary Martin

In memory of a beautiful lady – our thoughts and prayers are with you. – Anonymous

We will never forget you, Judi! – From your friends on the Trailblazer Committee – Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
Steven Zent